Reliability Assessment Method based on Logarithmic Poisson Execution Time Model for Open Source Project

Y. Tamura, S. Yamada, and M. Kimura (Japan)


Open Source Project, AHP, Software Reliability, Software Reliability Model


Information Technology (IT) advanced with steady steps from 1970's is essential in our daily life. At present, per sonal computers are used in various scenes of the account processing, the schedule management, marketing, and the automated production control system and so on. Especially, software development environment has been changing into new development paradigms such as concurrent distributed development environment and the so-called open source project by using network computing technologies. In this paper, we propose a software reliability as sessment method for concurrent distributed development environment by using the logarithmic Poisson execution time model based on a nonhomogeneous Poisson process (NHPP) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Also, we analyze actual software fault count data to show numerical examples of software reliability assessment for the open source project. Moreover, we investigate an efficient soft ware reliability assessment method for the actual Xfce open source project. We also consider the effective software reliability assessment method for the actual open source project.

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