Real-Time Volume Rendering Systems

B.S. Dolgovesov and M.Y. Shevtsov (Russia)


Volume rendering, VolumePro1000, volume texture, pixel shaders, DirectX 9.0.


Volume rendering is a powerful technique for visualizing three dimensional arrays of sampled data. The particular importance for the exploration and understanding of the volume data concerns to a desire to reveal the inner structure of volumetric objects. The volume visualization today is the one of the primary trends in the computer graphics. This paper describes two different approaches to visualization of volume data. Two described volume rendering systems are: VolumePro1000 accelerator based; typical graphics accelerator (such as GeForce3) based. VolumePro-based system uses its hardware-implemented ray-casting algorithm. The other uses "volume texture" feature of DirectX 9.0 and pixel shaders. Both systems are aimed to achieve projection rates of 20 frames per second for dynamically changing high resolution datasets (up to 512 3 ). Detailed functionality description along with features depiction is provided.

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