Evaluation of Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) for Reconstructing Lost Blocks in Wireless Video Transmission

A.A. Akintola, G.A. Aderounmu, B.S. Atanda (Nigeria), and M.O. Adigun (South Africa)


: error, lost blocks, dct coefficients,reconstruction, edgy, non-edgy1.0


This paper presents a robust algorithm for the reconstruction of lost blocks suitable for wireless video transmission. We used the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)-based compression format with a larger block of 16 x 16 pixels. This is achieved by classifying lost blocks into "edgy" and "non-edgy", and then reconstruct edgy blocks from selected edgy blocks in the 8-neighborhood and also reconstruct non edgy blocks from selected non-edgy blocks in the 8 neighborhood. The simulation results show that, while varying the percentage loss of coefficients, the 16 x 16 model kept the processor overhead low. Also, the mean sum of errors for the 16 x 16 algorithm show improved performance degradation especially beyond 80% loss of coefficients. The interpolation obtained is fast and at a lower computational cost which generally improves the quality of the reconstruction.

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