LPָ-Search with Averaging Methodology for Optimizing Powerful and Super-Power Klystrons

G.M. Antonova and A.Yu. Bajkov (Russia)


Modelling and Simulation, Identification, Imitation experiment, Stochastic system optimization, Region of efficiency, Parameter space investigation, Monte-Carlo simulation, LPτ-search with averaging.


In paper the application of optimization-simulation methods for studying dynamic stochastic systems is considered. It permits to find the solution for multiparameters multicriteria problems of special type and decides various problems of investigations and creations of complicated devices. Indices of quality of dynamic stochastic system are given in form of multidimensional integrals. At the beginning of investigation a domain of parameters change for integration is unknown. It is defined at the process of studying simultaneously with estimation of integrals values. This domain is named the region of efficiency. Values of indices of quality in it are better then in other regions. Algorithms for searching the region of efficiency for few problems, connecting with optimizing power Ultra-high Frequencies devices, are considered.

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