One Way of Organizing N-TAP Co-Phazed Weighted Median Filters

V.I. Znak (Russia)


Order statistics, residuals modulo T, signal processing.


The median filters are able to preserve steps, sharp dis continuities and edges that are lost when using most of other standard filters. However, on periodic signals, the smoothing effect of the median filter increases simultane ously with an increase of its length. This circumstance essentially restricts the possibility of the median filter as tool improving the quality of the erratic data of the peri odic signals. Such a constraint is particularly disagreeable for signals recorded at a discrete time. The objective of this paper is developing the approach of adaptation of the median filters to processing of harmonic or frequency modulated signals recorded at a discrete time. To illus trate this approach, the eight-tap filter is proposed for processing a signal from a frequency band of 5.010.0 Hz. In some cases, the quality of the noisy signal is en hanced two fold over the quality of the signal without processing.

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