Detecting License-Plate based on Color Edge From Complex Scenes

D. Liu and M. Xie (PRC)


License plate recognition, License plate location, Color edge detector


License-plate extraction is the fundamental process in Vehicle License Plate Recognition System. This paper presents a license plate detection algorithm using color edge from complex scenes. The proposed method can be divided into four steps: 1) acquire the vertical color edge from original image, 2) get horizontal candidates, 3) gain LP's color edge including the vertical and horizontal color edges, 4) find accurate row and line positions of license plate from color edge and standard license plate image. Experiments have been conducted on 405 images taken from various scenes and different conditions, including diverse angles, different lightening conditions and the dynamic conditions. And the algorithm can quickly and correctly detect the region of vehicle license plates. The rate of success is 98.52% with 6 images failed.

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