Reconstruction of 3-D Objects with Use Interflation of Functions

O.N. Lytvyn and Y.I. Pershina (Ukraine)


Tomogram, 3-D reconstruction, interflation, computer tomography


In practice of research tomographic images frequently there is a problem of reception of the image of cuts of a body in those planes for which there is no image under known images in some set of sections. The similar problem arises at research of a bark of a brain of experimental animals. In article the new method of restoration of internal structure of a three-dimensional body under known images of sections of this body, set as photos or tomograms which act from a computer tomograph is submitted. These photos or tomograms are sections of a three-dimensional body in the set system of the crossed planes. In article the case of system of three groups of parallel planes is considered. Sections of a three-dimensional body are under construction on projections in any crossed planes with the help of the polinomial interflation operator of three-dimensional functions.

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