Interlineation and Interflation Function Many Variables (The Blending Function Interpolation) and Multidimensional Signal Processing

O.N. Lytvyn (Ukraine)


interlineation, interflation, multidimensional signal processing.


Interflation of the function ( 1,..., n )f x x of the n variables with help of the its traces (and traces of its derivatives of order ) on theN M surfaces the dimen sion is recovery ( possible, exactly) . Ifm f 0m = this is interpolation on M points (for ). If m1n 1= (for ) it is interlineation (blending function interpolation) on 2n M lines . In this paper the review of last achievements and some applications interflation, interlineation functions and blending functions approximation for construction the economical algorithms in multidimensional signal processing.

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