Fast and Reduced-Bit Zerotree Coding Algorithm for Progressive Transmission of Medical Images

M.B. Tayel and M. Abdou (Egypt)


Wavelets, EZW, Progressive Transmission, MRI.


: Shapiro's embedded zerotree wavelet (EZW) encoder [1] was based on progressive encoding to compress an image into a bit stream with increasing accuracy. The two main factors to be considered for transmission of medical images are time and memory saving. This paper introduces a modified EZW that saves time and storage space. This algorithm has encountered an important observation about wavelet coefficients of magnetic resonance images (MRI). The main observation is the distribution of wavelet coefficients in different wavelet levels and how this affects image singularities. An effective coding method based on this observation is also presented to reduce the image data size. Several case studies are applied and results are compared with those obtained when applying SPIHT [2].

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