A Multi-Tile Reconfigurable Platform Design for DSP Applications

J.M. Jou, C.-M. Sun, Y.-C. Wu, M.-C. Lee, Y.-X. Yan, H.-Y. Su, and H. Yang (Taiwan)


Signal processing, reconfigurable, DSP platform


Microprocessors are increasingly supplemented with reconfigurable logic, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), in embedded system. Because the reconfigurable architecture provide extremely advantages such as reducing the cost, time and complexity of design, and diminishing the difficulties and improving the integrating of IP components. Here, we presented an efficient multi-tile reconfigurable hardware platform with the coarse-grained floating-point function units for fast multimedia signal processing. We have verified the platform by an example of mapping an audio encoder on the ARM Integrator, and experimental results show that the average speedup is 3.316 compared with the software only approach.

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