A New Scheme to Improve the Security of the WEP Protocol

N. Jha and I.S. Gupta (India)


Wireless LAN, WEP, security loopholes, key exchange


The 802.11 standard for wireless networks includes a Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol to protect link layer communications from eavesdropping and other at tacks. However, in it current form, WEP suffers from seri ous security flaws which arise due to the reuse of the Ini tialization Vector (IV) and the deployment of an unkeyed checksum for message authentication. This paper attempt s to improve the security of the existing WEP protocol without changing its basic architecture. The key exchange scheme proposed in the paper is built on a practical LAN model; it addresses the security concerns of the existing WEP protocol and is easy to implement.

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