Advanced Security Management on Mobile Devices in Ad Hoc Networks

H. Buchholz, S. Preuss, I Sedov, and C. Cap (Germany)


Wireless Security, Applied Cryptography, Access Control1 MotivationMobile ad hoc networks (MANET) are self-organizing networks in which mobile wireless devices communicate witheach other indep


This paper describes an approach to centralize security management and security functions on mobile devices into a central component to enable a more natural, tacit inter action in ad hoc networks. Existent wireless communica tion technologies provide embedded security algorithms to protect wireless links, however the necessary key manage ment task, e.g. key exchange, key administration, is mostly transferred to the user. Thus spontaneous networking is hampered by user intervention to accomplish secure links. In this paper we introduce the Advanced Security Manager (ASM) a security management extension for mobile devices that enables authorization, authentication, encryption, non repudiation based on user, device, or application require ments.

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