On the Security of the Finite-field Wavelet-based Block Cipher

K.S. Chan and F. Fekri (USA)


Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Wavelets, Interpolation Attack.


We present an analysis of cryptanalytic attacks on a new cryptosystem based on the finite-field wavelet. Encryption and decryption of this new cryptographic algorithm are per formed by the synthesis and analysis banks of a nonlinear finite-field wavelet transform whose filter coefficients are determined by the keys of the users. We study the secu rity of the block-cipher wavelet cryptosystem in response to classical attacks and those specific to this algorithm, par ticularly those which use variations of the interpolation at tack, and discrete Fourier transform techniques. This pa per shows that the chosen ciphertext attack (CCA) of the wavelet encryption system reduces to the problem of solv ing systems of equations over finite fields. By consider ing existing classical and structure-specific attacks, we con clude that the lowest complexity of any of these attacks is not better than an exhaustive key search.

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