Bypassing the Internet with the CODIS Content Delivery Network

L. Duquerroy, M. Haddad (France), H. Hlavacs (Austria), S. Josset, C. Lafouge, and J. Ribe


Satellite, Content Delivery Network, Security,Performance


Being the most important global data network, the Internet also has turned out to be a source for constant threats. Professionals using the Internet for the transport of their content must necessarily be connected to the Internet, usually through a firewall. Due to Trojans, viruses, worms and ready to use hacking tool sets this approach has been proven to be insecure. However, alternatives to the Internet exist which are able to connect arbitrary sites globally using the IP protocol stack without allowing unauthorized users to use the network In this paper we describe the CODIS content delivery network (CDN), which is a closed network interconnecting four European sites, being based on satellite communication. The purpose of the CDN is to transport restricted multimedia content from content producers to content providers, which are located near paying end users. We also describe the observed quality of service and the necessary tools and protocols to ensure the highest possible security.

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