A Secure Infrastructure for Negotiation and Purchase of Intellectual Property Rights (SECURingIPR)

A. Ruiz, L. Baño, C. Immaculada Marín, Ó. Cánovas, and A.F. Gómez (Spain)


DRM, IPR, Business Models, Negotiation, Contracts, Purchase, Agents


In these days, one of the major problems for authors, publishers and distributors of digital content is the simplicity people can copy a work without payment of the royalties derived from the use of the rights of this work. In order to represent, negotiate and control the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) associated to copyrighted material, the Digital Rights Management (DRM) was proposed. Behind each DRM system there is a business model which indicates the roles, their functions and how the flow of digital content and the associated rights to this content is managed. In this paper, we introduce the main problems appeared in the area of DRM. We also present the business model we have designed in order to develop an architecture to negotiate, reach agreements and purchase copyrighted content in a secure way. Our model is mainly based on IMPRIMATUR and tries to incorporate the most interesting features of other models. The main differences that we highlight are centered on two main aspects. On one hand, the redefinition of some role functions. The main roles involved in this process are the e-notary and the monitoring service provider. On the other hand, the way the exchange of IPR is performed. This information about rights will be expressed with a Digital Rights Language (DRL). Finally, it is worth noting that the architecture is being developed with intelligent agents that will make use of the protocols of signing and payment.

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