Anti-Windup Feedforward Controller Design for Reference Input Expressed as a Time Polynomial

M. Kosaka, H. Uda, E. Bamba, K. Tanikake, K. Kitanaka, and Y. Sugiyama


Anti-windup, two degree of freedom control, feedforward control, tracking error.


This work describes an anti-windup method for a feedforward controller of two-degree-of-freedom (2DOF) control by which model matching is done. The proposed method replaces the memorized variable of output of the reference model in the feedforward controller with a controlled variable when input is saturated. Furthermore, the authors propose deriving a model of a controlled object using identification method for a reduced model with zeroing 0 N- tuple integral values of output error. Using the model, tracking error for reference input that consists of 0 N-th power of time becomes zero even if the controlled object has uncertainty. The resulting system shows no deterioration in feedback characteristics or increases in tuning labour time because feedforward controllers do not affect feedback characteristics; moreover, feedback controllers can be designed with accumulated knowhow. Numerical simulations and experiment verify that the proposed method yields satisfactory reference input response even if input is saturated or when the controlled object has uncertainty.

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