Speech-Enabled Services in a Web-based e-Learning Environment

M. Eichner, M. Göcks, R. Hoffmann, M. Kühne, and M. Wolff


E-Learning, WBE, speech enabled services, multimedia, web technology, eL-IT


In this article we introduce a project conducted by a consortium of German universities that aims to support presence teaching by a web-based e-Learning environment and the respective content from the fields of information, communication, and media technology. In the first part we define requirements for e-Learning and describe a design of e-Learning modules fulfilling these requirements. We will also give a short overview of the implemented e-Learning modules and their multimedia enabled content. In the second part we describe the technology and deployment of speech enabled services – speech recognition, speech synthesis, and speaker verification – in the e-Learning environment and discuss first evaluation results of these technologies.

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