Using One-Stop Portal in Integrating e-Learning Systems

J. Puustjärvi


eLearning, virtual universities, one-stop portals, web services, mediators, metadata, ontologies


Rapid development of technologies and vocational demands requires specialized skills that need to be renewed frequently. eLearning adapts well to the needs of continuing education, as it can be undertaken in parallel with other work. A problem, however, is that finding appropriate eLearning courses, or larger eLearning objects, from different virtual universities is not an easy task, as these institutions do not provide integrated access. In this work we suggest how such problems can be solved by one-stop portal. Learners interact with the portal, which provides advanced querying and searching features of learning objects. From the architecture’s point of view the portal is a mediator, which interacts with local eLearning systems through wrappers. The function of the wrappers is to provide unified interface for the mediator, that is, to hide the heterogeneity of single eLearning systems.

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