A Cooperative Virtual Learning Environment on the Web for Musical Harmony

E. Ferneda, E. de Barros Costa, H. Oliveira de Almeida, D.G. Rodrigues, E.S. de Almeida, and M. Brandão


Web-based learning environments, intelligent tutoring systems, distance learning, music education, multi-agent systems


The research reported in this article presents a cooperative virtual web-based learning environment aimed at supporting teaching on the musical harmony domain. Such an environment has been developed to support courses in both web distance and regular classroom learning. The aim of this work is to integrate artificial and human agents in an interactive learning environment. This environment includes a multi-agent tutoring system that itself includes a digital library and hypermedia documents, which are concerned with the Harmony Trees Theory. Our purpose is to provide learners and teachers with the means to have productive pedagogical interactions mediated by a computer system. The system is modelled as a society of artificial tutoring agents.

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