Fitted Stratified Manipulation with Decomposed Path Planning on Submanifolds

I. Harmati, B. Lantos, and S. Payandeh


Motion planning, stratified systems, manipulation, differential ge-ometry


This paper reports a new manipulation planning method based on fitted stratified manipulation. In contrast to many other methods using searching techniques, it provides a formal framework. This framework analytically solves the trajectories of the agents in the configuration space. The key feature of the technique is that it allows desired trajectories on a special submanifold called bottom stratum while fixed contact points are being supposed. It makes possible arbitrary object and finger tip motions during the manipulation. As an important consequence, the obstacle avoidance problem becomes solvable within the frame of stratified approach. However, according to the philosophy of stratified motion planning (MP), the method is still based on the flow sequence approach, implicitly decomposing the dextrous manipulation into object manipulation and grasp adjustment. Another important feature of the algorithm is that it provides a unified method on how to find a general solution that decomposes the manipulation task into separate object manipulation and finger relocation.

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