Hi-Performance Co-Processor based on FPGA

G.I. Gromilin, A.M. Devjatajkin, K.F. Lysakov, and M.J. Shadrin (Russia)


FPGA, high-performance processing, hardware,automation, algorithm, processor, Digital Signal Processing


This report presents hi-performance co-processor based on FPGA. This co-processor is a board which includes various communication possibilities (input/output parallel ports) and interface PCI-X and DDR memory. This co-processor has possibility of standalone work. All calculations are performed on Xilinx FPGA Virtex2. It allows to estimate peak performance up to 50 billions operations of integer multiply/accumulate per second. Also report presents realization of some mathematics image processing algorithm on creating device. It is linear filtering any points width (at first it is 7 points) and integer matching of entire frames or part of them. To find interesting objects (their size is less than image discrete) extremums finding algorithm was realized. All algorithms developed adapted to FPGA architecture. They used RAM blocks and multipliers on crystal, creating internal pipelines and other to increase performance.

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