Nanotechnology: Miniturization of the Computer and Its Applications in Information Systems

S. Ali (USA)


Nanotechnology, carbon nanotube, nanowire, molecular computer, nanocomputer


With current available technology researchers will soon reach the physical barriers of shrinking transistors on silicon wafers over the next several years. Transistors will not function the same way after a certain point. When a circuit gets smaller than 100 nanometers, electrons realize they are in a confined space and behave differently. Silicon might not be the final material for processing information and magnetic hard-disk drives may not be the ultimate place to store information. Nanotechnology plays an extraordinary role to solve these problems. This paper reviews how nanotechnology can miniaturize the com puter and its components using atoms and molecules yet more powerful and faster than a modern day super computer. The paper also discusses the applications of nanotechnology in information systems.

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