Prospects for 400 kV Submarine Interconnection between Croatian and Italian Power Systems

G. Majstrovic, D. Bajs, and N. Dizdarevic (Croatia)


Interconnection lines, Croatian and Italian power system, steady state analysis, UCTE reconnection, power transit


Croatian power system was located between two synchronous UCTE (Union for the Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity) zones and subject to numerous power exchange programs expected after UCTE reconnection performed in October 2004. Due to neighbouring Italian system which is a large power importer, many players are very interested in regional electricity market. Consequently, steady state analysis is performed in order to evaluate prospects for transmission interconnection between Croatia and Italy. Study results presented in this paper give a clear picture of Croatian transmission system throughput with respect to this interconnection. Maximum possible power transits are evaluated. This case study is of utmost interest for different players as detailed evaluation of power supply from South - Eastern Europe was not reachable so far due to UCTE separation.

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