Fuel-Cell based Inverter for Residential Systems

S. Meo, A. Perfetto, and F. Esposito (Italy)


Renewable Energy Sources, Converters and Inverters, Distributed Generation, Fuel-cell.


The paper presents a full analysis of a new fuel-cell based inverter for residential systems. It consists of an isolated dc-dc converter cascaded with a single phase voltage source inverter. The dc-dc converter is a new ZVS current-fed half-bridge converter. It is characterised from high efficiency and capability and low cost. The inverter is a quasi-resonant voltage source inverter. This structure is able to guarantee the stable oscillation of resonant link and the soft switching of the inverter. The results of different SABER simulations prove the goodness of the proposal. Fuel-cell based inverter operates with a very low THD of the output voltage and high efficiency in all operative conditions.

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