Turbines and Generators for Floating Solar Chimney Power Stations

C.D. Papageorgiou (Greece)


Floating Solar Chimneys Doubly Fed Induction Generators


Floating Solar Chimney Power Stations (FSCPSs) is a new promising solar technology. The Floating Solar Chimneys are lighter than air constructions, that can be as high as 3÷4.5 Km giving to their respective power stations efficiencies from 4.5÷7%. The axial shrouded air turbines of the FSCPSs are geared to appropriate electric generators. In the present paper the Doubly Fed induction generatos (DFIGs) , with small electronic control units (with power not more than 3.5 % of their generators rated power ), are examined as the best and most economical solution. Due to the FSCPSs characteristics, it can be proved that, at least 97% of the theoretically maximum production energy by the FSCPS can be supplied to the grid. The DFIGs can supply to the grid positive reactive power( on demand) ,and stabilize the grid when necessary. FSCPSs with Doubly Fed induction generators can be used for autonomous hydrogen production combined with appropriate electrolysis units.

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