Designing the DC Inductance for ICPT Power Pick-Ups

P. Si and A.P. Hu (New Zealand)


ICPT, Pick-up, dc inductor, equivalent load resistance, minimum dc inductance.


A dc inductor has been widely used to increase the maximum output power of ICPT (Inductively Coupled Power Transfer) power pick-ups. However, how to determine the inductance of this dc inductor remains an unsolved theoretical problem, resulting in a trial and error approach in practical design. This paper analyzes in detail the effect of the dc inductance on the maximum power capacity of a parallel tuned pick-up, and the maximum possible power that can be transferred from a power pick up. Considering the actual power loss of the effective series resistance of a dc inductor, suitable inductance value of the dc inductor is recommended for practical design based on the analysis of the continuous current flowing condition. Both simulation and practical experimental results have verified the proposed method for achieving the maximum output power.

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