New Control to Improve the Voltages Stability of the Wind Generators in the Failure Events

M.V.A. Nunes, J.P.A. Vieira, and U.H. Bezerra (Brazil)


Wind Turbines, blade angle control, voltage stability, electromechanical interaction, two masses model, induction generator.


The use of blade angle control to improve voltage stability in wind generators during failure events in ac systems is focused. The short-term stability of the electrical generator may be improved by a temporary reduction of the wind turbine mechanical power. A physical model of a large wind farm consisting of a large number of wind turbines is implemented with the dynamic simulation tool MATLABTM . Each wind turbine and generator set in the wind farm is represented by a two masses model grid connected by conventional induction generators. By use of the blade angle control, the reactive compensation can be reduced to improve the voltage stability of the grid. The results presented confirm the usefulness and efficacy of the adopted control strategy.

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