A Multi-Functional Power Compensator for Single-Phase Three-Wire DistributionSystem

T. Fujita and S. Iida (Japan)


Single-phase three-wire distribution system, Current Balancer, Static Var Generator, Active Filter


The single-phase three-wire distribution system is employed extensively in Japan and the several countries. It has two voltage sources, which are in phase and have the same effective values. System line currents from two sources tend to be out of balance, because consumers make use of these loads at random. If many working loads lean to a one-sided source, the power interruption will occur by the operation of circuit breakers. For preventing the above trouble, we propose a Current Balancer to equalize two source currents even if the load currents are unbalanced, in this paper. Moreover, we attempt to add the functions to correct the power factor and to cancel the harmonic components also in the load currents.

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