Cogeneration – Grid Interconnection: Two Solutions to Optimize the Power Generation in the Arab World

M.A. Dashash and R. Mahfoudhi (Saudi Arabia)


Cogeneration, Energy Conservation, Power Generation, Efficiency.


With increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the Arab World is moving to further improve energy conversion efficiency. The equivalent of over 2.7 MM bbl is being daily burnt to fuel the thermal power plants that represent 92% of the total Arab power generation. This adds up to close to one billion barrels annually. In this paper we will introduce two strategies with the objective to cut-off up to half of the current fuel consumption. Firstly, by improving the power plants thermal efficiency. Secondly, by interconnecting the power grid networks of all adjacent Arab countries. Reaching the mentioned objectives is not only a major contribution to energy conservation, but also leads intrinsically to higher environmental protection.

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