Analysis of a Three Phase Tubular Permanent Magnet Linear Generator

K.M. Nor, H. Arof, and Wijono (Malaysia)


Electrical machine, linear generator, modeling, simulation, finite element analysis, optimization.


This paper describes a three phase tubular permanent magnet linear generator design. The generator has a long translator with six coils. The finite element analysis is used in the design simulation. A 2D axisymmetry is applied. Parametric simulation is run to get the machine parameters which are used to calculate other parameters. The harmonics analysis is included in the design simulation. Optimization is performed to obtain the highest power to weight ratio of the machine, as the objective function of the optimization. The machine dimension is set up as the design variable, and the cogging force and output power as the state variables. The subproblem and first-order strategy is used in the design optimization.

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