Optimization of a Micro Combined Heat and Power Fleet

C. Mondon and D. Faille (France)


Distributed generation, optimization, combined heat and power


EDF is an integrated energy company, which manages an important centralized power generation system, composed mostly of nuclear plants. With the development of small gas fired Combined Heat and Power facilities (µCHP), the question of a new power paradigm with distributed generation can be raised. Hence, EDF R&D has been working on a prospective study of an autonomous system that corresponds to a small quarter of 200 households, where heat and power are only produced by local devices. The electrical productions are mutually managed through a low voltage network and can be stored. In the present paper, we are focusing on the optimization of the operations of this system as it is considered in unit commitment problem. For this purpose, we developed a mathematical model of the different producer and consumer of energy and included the storage devices. The model process and its optimization is implemented in a software, PILOT, developed by EDF R&D. The optimization results show that the considered system can compare well from a gas consumption point of view with a classical centralized generation.

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