Operating Characteristics of Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter with Hysteresis-Current Control

M.H. Antchev and M.P. Petkova (Bulgaria)


: Single-phase shunt active power filter, hysteresis-current control, uncontrolled rectifier with active-capacitive type of load, DSP.


Single–phase shunt active power filter, compensating power factor of nonlinear load – single-phase bridged uncontrolled rectifier with active-capacitive load, is studied in this paper. Hysteresis-current following of reference sinusoid in phase with source voltage is used to control filter devices. There is a possibility to break off the following of reference sinusoidal during an interval into half-period because of the consumed nonlinear load current waveform. This effect is studied in dependence of load characteristics and filter elements through mathematical description and computer simulation. Graphical relationships and experimental oscillogrammes are carried out. Filter control is based on digital signal processor (DSP) TМS320LF2407.

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