Energy Labeling in Electrical Lamps and Effects in Load Management in Iran

R. Effatnejad and H.R. Niesaz (Iran)


The intensity of the lighting in terms of LUX (E), Lighting output of the lam in terms of LUMAN Per Watt (LPW), the lighting output of the base in terms of LUMAN Per Watt ref), Index of Lamp Performance ((I), Lighting Flux produced by Lamp in terms of LUMAN (Q), The Input Power of the Lamp in terms of Watt (W).Load Management


: The electrical lamps are among the equipments which have a high rate of consumption in home, administrative, commercial, and industrial and public sectors at the national level. Due to the fact this tool is used mostly at the peak hours, it consumes a great part of the electrical energy at the peak hours. In order to reduce the electrical energy consumption at the peak hours, it is essential to use low output lamps instead of low output lamps. Therefore, it is essential to have lamps with the label of energy consumption. In this paper, in order to label the lamps, first an index was defined and then on the basis of that index, the lamps were labeled.

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