Comparative Numerical Investigation of a Wood Residues Indirectly Fired Gas Turbine

G.D. Ngoma (Canada)


Indirectly fired gas turbine, wood residues, modelling and simulation


In this study, two models of an indirectly fired gas turbine using both wood residues and natural gas combustors were investigated. Based on the thermodynamic modelling of the compressor, regenerator, wood combustor, natural gas combustor and gas turbine, a computer program was developed to calculate the mass and energy balances for each component. Irreversibilities within the compressor and turbine were taken into account using isentropic efficiencies. Simulations were performed to predict the static behavior of a wood residues indirectly fired gas turbine. The results obtained demonstrated the effects of regenerator effectiveness, mass flow rate, compressor pressure ratio and gas turbine inlet temperature on the overall thermal efficiency, regenerator outlet temperature and net power. The results of both models were compared.

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