Impact of Channel Estimation in Multisensor Parallel Interference Cancellation for the Uplink on MC-DCMA Systems

P. Marques, J. Bastos, A. Pereira, and A. Gameiro (Portugal)


MC-CDMA, channel estimation, multiuser detection, multisensor, parallel interference cancellation


CDMA based systems are mainly limited by multiple access interference (MAI). Multiuser detection techniques can be used to overcome the MAI problem and the parallel interference cancellation (PIC) detector is one of the most interesting techniques for a practical implementation. It is also widely recognized that antenna arrays will be another key technique to achieve high capacity in future wireless communication networks. In this paper we consider the concept that combines both principles, i.e. a multisensor PIC detector, designed specifically for the uplink transmission of MC-CDMA based systems. However the base station should know the channel state to achieve coherent signal detection. In this paper, we propose a pilot-aided robust channel estimation technique for Uplink MC-CDMA system. Moreover a MC-CDMA burst structure containing a suitable pilot arrangement is presented. The performance of the proposed system and the sensitivity of this structures to the non-perfect channel estimates is assessed resorting to computer simulations.

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