Evaluation of Parabolic Antennas in Satellite TVRO Systems

R.A.R. Ibrahim, K.A.S. al-Khateeb, and R. Islam (Malaysia)


antenna, parabolic, dish, reflector, TVRO, satellite.


Hence, the standard equation of the parabola:Considerations relating to the parabolic dish reflector antennas are discussed. The characteristics, efficiency and construction for a variety of dish antennas are analyzed. Actual measurements and tests were made and a comparative study of the performance of screen mesh and solid antennas is presented. TVRO signal reception levels from a number of geo-stationary satellites were used as criteria for the assessment. axy 42 = (3) and by considering a line T1T3 , the tangent touching the parabola at R (x1, y1): RS = T1S (4) and from: 1 2 2 42 4 y a dx dy adxydy axy R =      = = (5)

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