A New Robust Genetic Algorithm for Bluetooth Scatternet Formation

S.R. Mudundi and H.H. Ali (USA)


Bluetooth, Scatternets, Genetic Algorithms, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless PAN


While the main motive for developing Bluetooth was Cable replacement, Bluetooth technology can be extended to form efficient short-range ad-hoc networks. This can be achieved by interconnecting clusters of Bluetooth devices or piconets using bridges to form scatternets. In this paper, we present a new robust genetic algorithm for forming dynamic Bluetooth scatternets. The proposed algorithm takes into consideration various parameters to allow the incorporation of various network constraints. It also addresses the dynamic nature of such networks by allowing nodes to join or leave the network arbitrarily. Simulation results show that the algorithm generates scatternets with minimum number of piconets, small network diameters and optimal role assignment for nodes. The algorithm also handles the issue of adding and removing nodes effectively without incurring significant additional cost.

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