Design and Implement of New Infrared Data Broadcasting Protocol with FIR

D. Cai and R. Kawashima (Japan)


Infrared, IrDA, FIR, Communication protocol, Broadcast ing system and method


This paper presents a new infrared data broadcasting proto col that can be used in a contents delivering system. To re alize a high speed digital contents broadcasting service by infrared communication, we developed a new Infrared data delivering protocol IrFAST2.0 and implemented the proto col in a Linux based PC successfully. In this new broad casting protocol, we adopt FIR as its physical Layer to pro vide a high communication rate up to 4Mbps. With the new protocol, we realized a very high throughput which is much higher than IrDA protocol in general. Becuase it is possi ble to deliver huge volumn contents such as MP3, MPEG, JPEG files in a very high rate, many new contents deliv ering services may be provided with the new high speed protocol. In this paper, we will give the introduce of the protocol and experiment results that show the performance of the new protocol and the system. The core part of the system is realized with Linux embeded system, therefore the module can be ported to other system easily.

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