An IP based File Delivery Platform for Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting

J.-M. Bouffard and F. Lefebvre (Canada)


Broadcast, file transfer, file delivery, download, service announcement, multimedia


Mobile digital broadcast systems like DAB, DMB and DVB-H are currently attracting a lot of attention around the world. Multiple radio devices are being developed to provide access to telecommunication and broadcast networks simultaneously. Advances in mobile computing and storage allow multimedia-rich content to be stored and rendered on sophisticated portable terminals. Mobile digital broadcast systems will provide a high-capacity downlink while 3G networks will allow bi-directional communications. The efficient delivery of files will then become an essential component of digital broadcast systems. Although system specific file delivery mechanisms have been defined for the various existing digital broadcast technical standards, it is reasonable to assume that they will all additionally provide a common IP interface. In this paper we present a multicast file delivery platform that was developed to provide a flexible and user-friendly test system for the transmission of files and file structures to wireless digital broadcast terminals. We also explore the different system components required and we propose a service announcement mechanism based on SAP/SDP. Finally, we present a user-centric Internet-like file download manager to be used on digital broadcasting terminals.

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