An Energy Balanced Data Dissemination Scheme for Lifetime Extension in Wireless Sensor Networks

D.-W. Lee, J.-H. Kim, and Y.-B. Ko (Korea)


Energy balanced data dissemination, Lifetime extension, Packet aggregation, Report-rate, Wireless sensor networks


In wireless sensor networks, each sensor node has different energy consumption rate due to inequality of event sensing and distance from sink node. Because of different energy consumption rate, energy disparity occurs among the sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks. This energy disparity raises unbalanced energy state between sensor nodes, which results in short lifetime of network. The main problem of unbalanced energy state is that network does not work even though network has enough energy to work. In this paper, we suggest energy balanced data dissemination scheme that utilizes network resources as much as possible and consequently extends network lifetime. We classify energy disparity into two types, same level disparity and different level disparity. We resolve disparity problems by using adaptive report-rate scheme and packet aggregation scheme.

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