Distributed and Real-Time Lookup Service in Ad-Hoc Network

K.-H. Choi and J.-H. Kim (Korea)


distributed computing, ad hoc network, lookup service, real-time service, service discovery


Ad hoc network consists of mobile devices and wireless networks without infrastructure. Ad hoc network is recently fast growing technology and widely used in many applications such as battle field, emergency services, mobile services, and temporal network services in conferences and exhibitions. In these applications, lookup services are very important, which connect users to services necessary. However, lookup service schemes used in conventional networks are not appropriate in ad hoc network due to mobility of users and service providers, narrow bandwidth of wireless network, and low computing power of mobile devices. In the case, efficient scheme to maintain consistent and correct information about service providers is essential. In this paper, we present distributed and real-time lookup scheme to reduce overhead in lookup server and to maintain real-time consistent information. In our scheme neighboring nodes of a service provider monitor service provider and a send notification to lookup server when the service provider moves out or terminates services. Thus, look up server can finds another service provider or another alternative services in advance and can provides real-time lookup services for users’ requests. Our analysis and performance comparisons show that our real time distributed lookup scheme is viable approach in many cases.

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