Dynamic Channel Rate Assignment for Multi-Radio WLANs

Q. Wu and C. Williamson (Canada)


IEEE 802.11b, Wireless LANs, MAC protocol design, Multi-channel MAC, Load Balancing


The dynamic transmission rate selection feature of IEEE 802.11b WLANs can cause throughput degradation when stations with different transmission rates share the same physical channel. One solution to this problem is to use a Multi-Rate Multi-Channel (MRMC) MAC protocol. How ever, static channel rate assignment in MRMC can lead to load imbalance across channels. In this paper, we present a dynamic channel rate assignment scheme for the MRMC MAC protocol. The ns-2 network simulator is used to eval uate the approach in an MRMC WLAN with up to 20 mo bile hosts. Our simulation results show that dynamic chan nel rate assignment can improve aggregate TCP throughput by 30-54% compared to static channel rate assignment.

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