Fast Router Advertisement Performance Evaluation in a Mobile IPv6 - Wireless LAN Based Network Environment

N. Jordan, R. Huber, and A. Poropatich (Austria)


Mobile IPv6, Fast Router Advertisements, Performance Evaluation, and ns2 Simulations.


The convergence of wireless networking and IP networking more and more requires solutions for transporting realtime application data to IP enabled mobile devices and mobile networks. Even if the basic Mobile IPv6 protocol performs sufficient in macro environments with non realtime traffic, seamless mobility requires some more enhanced protocol procedures in between the mobile node and the involved network entities. Limiting the effect of handovers has the potential to considerably improve handover performance in terms of latency and packet loss. This contribution is going to present an extensive simulation study on the performance of the Fast Router Advertisement approach in Mobile IPv6 environments. The demonstrated simulation scenario comprises 9 access router and up to 70 Mobile Nodes that communicate in accordance with the popular IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard.

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