Estimation of Cell Overload Probability for Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in Cellular Multimedia Communications

M.M. Islam and M. Murhshed (Australia)


Cell overload probability, Call admission control, Band-width reservation, Mobile multimedia communications, Quality of Service


With the explosive demand of multimedia services in wireless networks, the adaptive bandwidth alloation scheme defining a new quality of service (QoS) provisioning parameter - the cell overload probability (COP) - can be used effectively insetad of reserving resources in advance. This paper presents a novel technique of estimating this new QoS parameter for the real-world cellular multimedia networks and proposes distributed cell admission control algortihm, which guarantees the upper bound of the COP. Concomitantly, to ensure the continuity of on-going services and supporting comparatively large number of it, the scheme considered bandwidth adaptation policy, i.e. borrowing of bandwidth from the existing adaptive services without affecting the minimum QoS guarantees. Simulation experiments are carried out to verify the performances of the proposed scheme over the existing schemes. Furthermore, the performance of the adaptive bandwidth allocation scheme is compared to that of the existing non-adaptive shcemes.

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