5GHz Wideband Channel Model in Apartment Building

J. Choi, D.Y. Kwak, N.G. Kang, J. Lee, H. Song, and S.-C. Kim (Korea)


Wideband channel model, Wideband channel characteristics, Measurement and modeling, ray-tracing simulation and 5GHz WLAN


This paper reports the empirical 5GHz wideband channel model in apartment building. The channel measurement system is based on the pseudo-noise (PN) correlation method. In measurements, transmitter is fixed at two different positions in a house while receiver moves from the rooms of the house to those of nearby houses in each transmitter position. From measurement results, propagation loss and wideband channel characteristics are analyzed. As a result, we found that the signal reflected to neighboring buildings proffered other clusters. Especially, in cases of the receiver positions where with a big window and large away from the transmitter, this phenomenon is emphasized. And transmitter located at the biased position, could cause the imbalance of received signal level in a single house and the interference to neighboring houses.

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