Tropospheric Propagation Model using Huygens' Principle

R.M. Hawkes, T.A. Spencer, and R.A. Walker (Australia)


Propagation Modelling, Parabolic Equation, and Inverse Diffraction.


The parabolic wave equation model (PEM) can be applied to tropospheric propagation and scattering. In this paper a new diffraction function is presented for the PEM. This diffraction function is derived from Huygens’ principle and is implemented as a convolution. The new diffraction function can be implemented efficiently via a fast Fourier transform (FFT) and is shown to have advantages over existing diffraction functions that are currently used with the PEM. These advantages include a wide-angle propagation capability. The new propagation model is called the Huygens’ principle model (HPM). Applications for the HPM are discussed including environmental modelling, radiolocation modelling, inverse propagation and rough surface modelling.

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