Modeling Human Body Shadowing using FDTD for Indoor Radio Propagation

Y. Huang, L. Talbi, T.A. Denidni, and K. Sellal (Canada)


Human body shadowing, FDTD, horn antenna, indoor radio propagation


Human body shadowing has a significant effect on indoor propagation environments. In this paper, a deterministic model is introduced to investigate the human body effects in indoor channel using the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. In the model, human body is approximated with circular cylinders (metallic and dielectric) to deal with a particular indoor scenario. Based on the fact that human body behaves as a metallic cylinder, Continuous Wave (CW) measurements for the cylinder are performed at 10.5 GHz. The qualitative observation shows that a fair agreement with the simulation results using the radiation pattern of horn directional antenna.

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