An Efficient MoM for the Analysis of Large Scale and Low Frequency Problems based on Plane Wave Expansion

M. Ayatollahi (Iran) and S. Safavi-Naeini (Canada)


Integral equations, Fast algorithms,plane wave expansion, method of moments.


In this paper we present an efficient method of moments (MoM) solution of the mixed potential integral equation (MPIE) using a fast plane wave expansion algorithm for the analysis of large scale electromagnetic problems with di mensions small compared to the wavelength. The fast plane wave expansion algorithm is utilized to reduce the memory requirements and accelerate the matrix-vector multiplica tion in the iterative solver of the MoM procedure. As a result, the computational complexity of the matrix-vector multiplication is reduced from O(N 2 ) to O(NlogN). The method is stable in low frequency applications, where the dimensions are small compared to the wavelength. Numer ical results are presented to validate the accuracy and sta bility of the method in solving problems with fine features.

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