High Performance, Compact Meander Dual Planar EBG Microstrip Lowpass Filter Design

S.Y. Huang and Y.H. Lee (Singapore)


Electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) structures, lowpass fil ters, meander lines, and tapering techniques.


A novel high performance compact dual planar electromag netic band-gap (DP-EBG) microstrip lowpass filter with a meander microstrip line geometry is proposed in this pa per. With the unique dual planar EBG configuration and the meander geometry of the microstrip line, this proposed structure achieves a highly attenuated and wide stopband with good selectivity within a small circuit area. The ge ometry of the filter is well tailored by employing Cheby shev distribution in order to lower the ripple level in the passband. The structure is fabricated and measured results are found to be in good agreement with simulated results. This novel design demonstrates superior lowpass filtering functionality and ease of application to monolithic circuits.

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