Properties of Chiral Mirrors based on Bragg Reflectors

C. Sabah and S. Uckun (Turkey)


Materials and structures, Bragg reflectors, chiral, mirrors, and multilayers.


Chiral media are well known in optics, microwave and millimeter wave communities due to the possibility of manufacturing chiral materials and their wide potential applications. Mirrors, considered the most widespread of optical devices, are used for imaging, solar energy collection and in laser cavities. There are two types of mirrors, the well-known metallic ones and the more recent dielectric ones. The dielectric one is known as a Bragg reflector. In this study, we describe chiral mirror as a structure consisting of an array of alternating chiral layers similar to Bragg reflectors. Because there is no work relating with this assumption, we construct chiral mirrors of varying parameters and investigate their behaviors for the case of normal incidence. Numerical results show that the chiral mirror acts as a Bragg reflector and chirality parameter offers the additional degree of freedom for design processes. It can be suggested that these results could be used for the realization of a new type of Bragg reflector.

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